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The UKs Top 5 Best Airports

May 19,2014 BY

When you are travelling abroad for your holiday a large part of the experience is the travel option you choose. Nobody wants a stressful start to their holiday so you need to choose an airport which isn’t too busy but still provides you with the full holiday experience, which can be easier said than done. In order to make it easier for you we have compiled a list of what we feel are the UKs top 5 best airports and our reasons for them making the list…

5. Stansted Airport

The least congested major London airport (disregarding the smaller London City Airport) is Stansted. In a great location and with flights all over the world this airport is a great choice for families, with a toy store, Frankie’s and Benny’s and an extensive duty free Stansted has a lot to offer to its passengers. It’s still quite a busy airport but it is built to accommodate large crowds of people with self-service check in booths and an online check in option making the process that bit quicker.

4. Bristol Airport

One of the smaller inclusions in the top 5 Bristol still has a lot to offer for its size, packed with a large array of shopping, dining, restaurants and bars there is something for every age group. Whilst you wait for your flight you can even check out the airport’s executive lounge. Just like Stansted, Bristol also has self-service check-ins as well as an online check in option and it’s often quite quiet so you can get to the good stuff straight away!

3. East Midlands Airport

The also quite small East Midlands Airport offer an extensive range of shops, bars, restaurants and to top it all off even massage chairs for the ladies and a high tech gaming arcade for the kids. There are also a lot of child orientated factors around the airport including places to stock up on baby food and nappies ranging all the way to an arcade and internet facilities for children and teenagers. Interestingly the airport also boasts passport reading gates which use the latest in facial recognition technology to make your journey that bit quicker.

2. London Heathrow

Everyone has heard of Heathrow, the largest and busiest airport within the United Kingdom and one of the busiest airports in the world with around 70 million passengers passing through each year. The busy London based airport is filled with duty free shopping, bars, restaurants, exhibitions, lounges and even showers facilities. Terminal 3 also has the family friendly Jetterz Kids Club Lounge which offers a range of computer games, books and toys. Along with all the amazing facilities Heathrow also provides a quick check in with modern facilities and self-service kiosks.

1. Manchester Airport

Recently overtaking Stansted in passenger traffic Manchester Airport has good reason for it. It offers panoramic views with an impressive collection of historic aircrafts whilst also boasting a play area for the children amongst several other facilities. The vibrant and brightly coloured airport is also well known for its speed of check in as all you have to do is simply type in your passport or e-ticket number and then you can leave your bags at a special drop off desk when you use the express check in function.