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Things To Do In Bath

Jun 6,2014 BY

Although as a company we are based in Bristol we also operate around the Bath area offering coaches and minibuses to our customers on a regular basis. The city of Bath is located in the county of Somerset in South West England. The area is a very popular tourist destination with more than 3.8 million visitors coming to the city on an annual basis most of which visiting to explore its heritage and culture as after all Bath became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1937. If you are planning on travelling around Bath then here are some of the must see places and things to do in Bath…

Roman Baths Museum
The Roman Baths is a very well reserved Roman site for public bathing as is now one of the city’s most complex sites of historical interest. This major tourist attraction receives around one million visitors a year together with the Grand Pump Room. There are four main features of the Museum including the Sacred Spring, Roman Temple, Roman Bath House and of course the part of the museum that holds findings from the Baths, the only downside is that unfortunately you can’t go in the water!

Little Theatre Cinema
The Little Theatre Cinema shows quality performances from all over the world and has been vital to the entertainment of the city since 1936. The building combines the perfect mix of state of the art comfort and equipment with art deco styling and the perfect cinema experience suitable for every age and the prices are very reasonable.

Bath Abbey
The Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Bath, or just more commonly referred to as Bath Abbey is a 7th century Anglican Parish Church. The Grade I listed building, Bath Abbey contains several war memorials and monuments for notable people, it’s also still an active place of worship and regularly holds ceremonies, concerts and lectures attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

Alexandra Park
Renowned for its landscape architecture, Alexandra Park was opened 150 years ago as a pioneering Victorian leisure park and centre for entertainment and education. Alexandra Park is a lovely place to come and relax outside of the major city, it also regularly hosts the farmers market as well as having activities like boating and pitch and put, in the park you will also find a deer enclosure and for a bite to eat the Grove Café.

No.1 Royal Crescent
This Georgian town house built between 1767-1774 it is considered as one of the finest achievements of 18th century urban architecture. The first house built of the famous Crescent buildings it originally provided accommodation for aristocratic visitors who came to enjoy the city, but now it provides the opportunity to visitors to see what it was like to be wealthy in the 18th century and also what it was like to be a slave.

Transport Options
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