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What Locations Do We Cover?

Jun 20,2014 BY

As you may have suspected by our business name, Southwest Minibuses predominately operate within the South West of England covering areas like Bristol, Gloucestershire, Wilshire, Somerset, Dorset and even Devon and Cornwall. We do however want to make it clear that we will travel anywhere within the UK to any event or function but predominately we tend to pick up people in areas around Bristol, some of the locations that we often cover around the city include…

A small town located between Bath and Bristol in Somerset, occupied since prehistoric times the town hall has recently been regenerated with a lot of work that has attracted new business taken place in the area. The most popular service that we offer in the Keynsham area is travel to Bristol city centre for events or days out.

The town of Clevedon is located in the North of Somerset right on the cost near the M5 and bordering towns such as Portishead and Nailsea. The town has several visitor attractions within that people regularly like to visit such as the Salthouse Field, the pebbled beaches and low rocky cliffs as well as the Victorian Pier.

A very popular seaside resort town that is located right on the Bristol Channel coast spanning between Worlebury and Bleadon Hill. The area is very popular for tourism with many attractions ranging from the Aquarium to the indoor ski slope.

Located in South Gloucestershire, Thornbury, a small market town just north of Bristol is a Britain in Bloom award winning town that’s home to several attractions. Our transport services in the area are often required to take people to all the locations in the area like Thornbury Castle, the Town Pump or even to the different walking trails.

Chipping Sodbury

This small market town is also located in the south of Gloucestershire and is within close proximity of the villages of Old Sodbury and Little Sodbury. The most common service with Chipping Sodbury being a very small town is transport to the main nearby city of Bristol.

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